Website in memory of Abney Golam Samad

Professor Dr. Abney Gholam Samad is no longer with us today. But he left at least 60 years of activity in his ninety long life. There are arguments, disagreements, different readings of history, scientific practice or a rare combination of anthropological perspectives. As a tribute to this contribution to the world of thought, is launched to further expose his life-long work to the online world.

We believe that a nation can progress by reading, practicing, reviewing and criticizing the diverse thought processes of its time and contemporaries rather than blindly following them. Therefore, we hope that Abney Golam Samad, a multi-faceted thinker, will be read from generation to generation with discussion and criticism to advance intellectually.

For that purpose, we would like to bring together all the works of Abney Golam Samad on this website and shed light on his personal life. Because, we think that a person's thoughts and views are not something separate or isolated from his past life and surroundings.

For that purpose, this website has an initiative to preserve his personal life photos-memoirs-letters. So it is very difficult to implement this initiative without the multidimensional cooperation of all. Contact Email: [email protected]

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